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The goal of YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd: Cleaner ocean and more environmentally friendly ships.

The purpose of YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd: Scientific emergency and rapid response.

YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd was established on January 24, 2006. Its main business scope includes ship pollution prevention and removal operations; ship anti-pollution technical consulting services; marine pollutant removal; ship port services; providing ships with ship pollutant acceptance ; Oil boom supply services; Port pollution prevention technology consulting services; Maritime technology consulting services.

Yantai Gangan Shipping Service Co., Ltd. obtained the "Port Operation Permit of the People's Republic of China" issued by the port and shipping department on March 27, 2014.

In 2006, it was selected as a cooperative unit for the removal of marine pollutants from the Yantai Maritime Safety Administration, and obtained the qualification of the ship pollutant reception unit of the Yantai Maritime Safety Administration, and has the secondary qualification for oil spill emergency.

Joined the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association on August 14, 2020.

At present, YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd has 61 professional ship emergency personnel, mainly providing oil spill emergency response and marine pollutant removal work for the surrounding areas of Yantai Port and Yantai West Port; its own 500-tonne "Luhua Response", Four emergency response ships of 1,000 tons "Luhua Response 6", 300 tons of "Haian 617" and 150 tons of "Haian 9" and 8 auxiliary ships; leased 2 emergency equipment storage sites of 2000 square meters; have oil skimmers, A complete set of large and medium-sized oil spill emergency equipment such as oil skimmer, oil boom, cleaning equipment, and storage equipment.

Yantai Gangan Shipping Service Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the oil spill disposal of the fire and oil spill of the Yihai Grain and Oil Warehouse in Yantai in 2015 on the "5.22" of Yantai, and the oil spill in the cargo warehouse of the "12.3" "Zhouyang 9" of Yantai West Port in 2019. /Emergency treatment of oily sewage, emergency treatment of unidentified oil spills at sea at the “7.1” 5.01,300,000 tons of bulk cargo berths at Yantai Port in 2020, and many other pollution accidents with major impacts, and a total of nearly 10 million yuan in economic losses have been recovered.

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