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Ship pollution prevention and removal operations


Pollution removal operation plan

This scheme is applicable to Yantai Port and its offshore waters. The "this sea" mentioned in the article refers to Yantai Port and its offshore waters.

Principles for handling oil spill accidents:

Containment, recycling, and removal.

In the event of an oil spill: respond quickly, reduce the contaminated area, quickly and orderly eliminate or recover oil slick on the water.

(1) Oil spill containment and removal plan

Containment and removal of marine oil spills

Emergency treatment:

(1) Report to the Yantai Sea Area Oil Spill Emergency Headquarters, and request assistance in water area alert and traffic control when necessary.

(2) Deploy one or more oil booms around the accident vessel for containment control. In the event of a leak of gasoline and other flammable fuels, a fire-proof oil fence should be added, and the Yantai Sea Area Oil Spill Emergency Headquarters should be requested to coordinate the fire-fighting ship on standby and take fire- and explosion-proof measures.

At present, YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd has 61 professional ship emergency personnel, mainly providing oil spill emergency response and marine pollutant removal work for the surrounding areas of Yantai Port and Yantai West Port; its own 500-tonne "Luhua Response", Four emergency response ships of 1,000 tons "Luhua Response 6", 300 tons of "Haian 617" and 150 tons of "Haian 9" and 8 auxiliary ships; leased 2 emergency equipment storage sites of 2000 square meters; have oil skimmers, A complete set of large and medium-sized oil spill emergency equipment such as oil skimmer, oil boom, cleaning equipment, and storage equipment.

YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd has successfully completed the oil spill disposal of the fire and oil spill of the Yihai Grain and Oil Warehouse in Yantai in 2015 on the "5.22" of Yantai, and the oil spill in the cargo warehouse of the "12.3" "Zhouyang 9" of Yantai West Port in 2019. /Emergency treatment of oily sewage, emergency treatment of unidentified oil spills at sea at the “7.1” 5.01,300,000 tons of bulk cargo berths at Yantai Port in 2020, and many other pollution accidents with major impacts, and a total of nearly 10 million yuan in economic losses have been recovered.

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