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Marine oil spill emergency response


Oil spill emergency equipment, as a special professional product used in the emergency response of marine ship pollution accidents, is currently widely used by ports, docks, and cleanup operations. However, due to the lack of professional inspection agencies and inspection mechanisms for product evaluation and certification, it makes it Product quality is difficult to guarantee, which directly restricts the effectiveness of the disposal of marine pollution accidents.

The goal of YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd: Cleaner oceans and environmentally friendly ships. The purpose of YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd: scientific emergency and rapid response.

YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd was established on January 24, 2006. Its main business scope includes ship pollution prevention and removal operations; ship anti-pollution technical consulting services; marine pollutant removal; ship port services; providing ships with ship pollutant acceptance ; Oil boom supply services; Port pollution prevention technical consulting services; Maritime technical consulting; Ship facility inspection services; Inspection services; Ship safety assessment and other services.

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