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Safety management system for ship electrical equipment

1. Purpose

In order to strengthen the safety management of electrical operations during the construction of ships and offshore engineering (hereinafter collectively referred to as ships) and avoid accidents, these regulations are formulated.

2. Scope of application

These regulations apply to the safety management of electrical operations during the ship construction process of all COSCO Shipyard companies.

The electrical work referred to in this regulation refers to the electrical work of the switchboard (shore power), the initial power transmission of the ship's electrical equipment and the high voltage (1KV-11KV). Other temporary power connection and power supply and distribution operations shall be implemented in accordance with the "Electrical Work Safety Management Regulations" and the "Enterprise Power Supply and Distribution Safety Regulations".

3. Management responsibilities

3.1 The technical department of the enterprise shall formulate the commissioning (including power transmission) process of the ship construction electrical system, and clarify the construction conditions, construction steps and safety technical requirements of the electrical system commissioning.

3.2 The ship construction team (project team) of the enterprise is responsible for rationally arranging electrical operations, doing construction coordination, and prohibiting incompatible operations at the same time.

3.3 The enterprise shall establish an approval system for the initial power transmission of the electrical system and high-voltage electrical operations, and specify the construction safety requirements and safety measures.

3.4 The construction department of the enterprise is responsible for the construction according to the process requirements and do a good job of safety management during the operation.

3.5 The corporate safety supervision department is responsible for the safety supervision and inspection of electrical operations.

4. Management requirements

4.1 General safety requirements for electrical work 4.1.1 Operators

a. Requirements for electricians of low-voltage ships below 1KV: 18 years of age or older, in good health, no contraindications, passed safety technical training and assessment, obtained special work permits in the electric work industry, and worked on the job.

b. Electrician requirements for high-voltage ships below 10KV: In addition to meeting the requirements of low-voltage electricians, a high-voltage electrician's network access permit should be obtained to work on duty.

C. Before operation, wear labor protection equipment as required; check the integrity of the tools used; conduct special safety clarifications and master the essentials of construction and safety requirements.

d. Strictly follow the requirements of the implementation process and operating procedures during the operation, and follow the instructions to operate step by step and item by item.

4.1.2 Planning and declaration before construction

a. Necessary safety planning should be carried out for electrical operations, analysis of the risks during the operation and the safety and reliability of the safety measures taken to ensure the safety of operations.

b. Electrical work should be declared at the single-ship VSCC meeting to specify the construction time and safety requirements.

4.2 Safety requirements for power distribution boards

4.2.1 The shore power line should be properly drawn, and effectively protected, with eye-catching warning signs.

4.2.2 An air switch should be installed between the shore power supply and the switchboard. Switches that are not in use should cut off the circuit or take precautionary measures for closure.

4.2.3 Before the power distribution board is properly installed, it should be checked and confirmed, and the power can be sent only after meeting the safety requirements.

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