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Deployment, towing and deployment of Yantai oil boom

Deployment, towing and deployment of Yantai oil boom

1. The placement of oil boom. When the oil boom is dropped into the water from the shore or from a ship, a tugboat should cooperate with it or the drop ship should go against the current, and it should be dropped into the water section by section to avoid disturbance. The oil boom should be arranged before putting it in. Pay attention to the direction when putting it. It cannot be twisted after putting it. It is difficult to straighten the head in the water. When putting or recovering the oil boom in the water, the oil boom is easy to be injured by the shore and the ship, such as using rollers, chutes, etc. to be placed at the convex corners, which is safe and labor-saving.

2. Connection of oil boom. The ex-factory oil booms are all 20 meters (or 10 meters) as one section, and they are generally connected to the required length on the shore or on the deck. The connection method of the joint: After aligning the holes of the joint, use the connecting pressure plate, the anchor seat and the upper and lower two nylon ropes to cross and fix it.

A floating isolation device should be used at the connection between the fixed oil boom and the shore to ensure that the oil boom does not rub against the shore and prevent oil spills when the water level changes. The track of the floating isolation device is vertical, and the shore is sloped and soil treatment should be carried out. If the bank slope changes slowly, the oil boom should be fixed a little far from the water's edge and above the highest working water level, and supplemented with oil-absorbing material for sealing, but the oil boom is easy to wear and should be handled carefully.

3. Towing the oil boom. When towing, pay attention to the length of the towing rope. The distance between the oil boom and the stern ship should be kept at least 15 meters or 5 times the height of the deck. It is recommended to use a special tractor when towing the oil boom. When there is no tractor, you can directly tie the tow rope to the anchor seat of the oil boom, or tie it to the reinforcement belts on both sides of the oil boom head (note that the two sides are reinforced Tie the straps together), don’t use the oil boom float on the top handle to tow and fix the oil boom.

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