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YanTai Gangan Shipping Service?Co.Ltd Ship Pollutant Treatment Plan

1. Purpose: To ensure the smooth progress of ship pollutants reception.

2. Scope: applicable to the departments and ships involved in the work of receiving pollutants from ships.

3. Procedures for receiving ship pollutants

3.1 Types of ship pollutants (divided into four categories):

(1) Residual oil, oil sludge, oily sewage

(2) Sewage containing toxic and hazardous substances;

(3) Domestic sewage;

(4) Ship garbage.

3.2 After receiving the instruction, the salesman should keep abreast of the status of the sewage ship and make arrangements for the sewage ship and personnel in advance.

3.3 The salesperson shall complete the relevant procedures and certifications of the pollutant reception and treatment application before the ship berths.

3.4 The salesman shall board the ship to coordinate work after the sewage vessel has been docked or docked. After the sewage receiving vessel is leaning on the sewage vessel, pollution prevention and fire prevention work should be done to ensure operational safety.

3.5 After the completion of the pollutant receiving operation, the pollutant receiving vessel shall determine the quantity of pollutants to be received in conjunction with the salesman and the pollutant discharge party. The salesman and the pollutant discharging party calculate the fees to be charged at the previously agreed price, agree on the payment method, time limit, etc., and sign and keep the various documents.

4. Specific operating procedures for receiving pollutants

(1) The ship pollutant receiving plan formulated in advance by the ship receiving ship pollutants and the weather and hydrological conditions of the outside world at that time, on the premise of ensuring their own safety, in the anchorage waters, it is convenient to safely berth on the leeward side of the cleaned ship Appropriate parts for safe operation; when berthing ships at the wharf, according to the requirements of the cleaned ship, safely berth at a suitable place that is convenient for cleaning operations; and according to the wind and flow direction, properly add ship's rope to the bow and stern , When two ships are leaning together, adequate fenders should be provided in the middle to prevent possible ship pollution accidents caused by ship collisions due to wind, waves, etc. during the operation.

(2) Operators should wear professional protective equipment before boarding the wheel. Operators should not be allowed to carry fire and flammable materials with them before entering the work site; at the same time, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment that needs to be used during the operation.

(3) Preparations for receiving pollutants from ships are ready.

(4) In the process of receiving pollutants from ships, operators strictly follow the requirements of relevant regulations to collect and receive pollutants into categories;

5. Subsequent disposal of ship pollutants

5.1 Disposal of ordinary household garbage

Our company has continuously implemented and improved detailed operating procedures in the work of receiving domestic garbage from ships. We have set up a number of garbage bins at the port and wharf for temporary storage of domestic garbage on ships. When the garbage bins are full, our company and the secondary transshipment party (Yantai Chaoxiang Property Management Co., Ltd. personnel will jointly participate in the irregular transfer of garbage (the transfer party is equipped with professional garbage transport vehicles for our company) to the Dajijia domestic garbage transfer station, and our personnel will also go to the scene to supervise , To ensure that the garbage reaches the Dajijia domestic garbage transfer station smoothly, and then the Dajijia domestic garbage transfer station will uniformly transport the garbage to the domestic garbage treatment plant of the Guxian Office of Yantai Development Zone for disposal.

5.2 Disposal of hazardous waste

In accordance with the "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China", "Hazardous Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Policy" and the relevant provisions of the lSO14001 environmental system, our company entrusts the hazardous wastes specified in the national hazardous waste list during the production process to qualified professional The enterprise conducts harmless disposal. Our company has signed a hazardous waste disposal agreement with Yantai Green Ring Transportation Co., Ltd. to earnestly implement standardized operation and disposal to ensure the openness and transparency of the whereabouts of hazardous waste.

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